Welcome to Upvote / Downvote for Developers

- For general support and FAQs please visit https://upvoting.com/help/

Creating your own topic is very easy. You don’t need to register with us or give us any personal details. All you need is an account with Twitter.

- To create a new topic visit https://upvoting.com/create/

Upvote / Downvote for Wordpress

Our plugin for Wordpress enables both shortcode, post and widget placement of topic banners.

Click below to...

- Download the v1.4.1 ZIP Package

- View the latest Read Me document

- Contact us for support or feedback

Wordpress Plugin Directory: wordpress.org/plugins/upvote-downvote-vote-with-a-tweet

Upvote / Downvote for MediaWiki

Our widget for Mediawiki supports the use of template markup for placement of topic banners.

Currently in beta testing...

- Requires the MediaWiki Widgets extension

- Contact us for support or feedback


Upvote / Downvote for Web Sites

Topic banners are currently available in five formats. Click below to see an example...

[1] Leaderboard, 728 x 90, text display of scores (728x90v1.png)

[2] Leaderboard, 728 x 90, graphical display of scores (728x90v2.png)

[3] Large Rectangle, 336 x 280, text display of scores (336x280v1.png)

[4] Large Square, 250 x 250, text display of scores (250x250v1.png)

[5] Vertical Rectangle, 240 x 400, text display of scores (240x400v1.png)

[6] Wide Leaderboard, 1200 x 150, text display of scores (1200x150v1.png)

[7] Wide Leaderboard, 1200 x 150, graphical display of scores (1200x150v2.png)

Link directly to the images on our server for automatic refreshing with the latest scores.

Image URLs look like this... https://upvoting.net/img/000/302/728x90v1.png

The topic number is six digits with / in the middle. For example 345 = 000/345; 1234 = 001/234

Use the banner descriptions above to find the banner file name. For example /728x90v1.png

Put a link on your image so people can click through to your topic page and vote as well

Topic URLs look like this... https://upvoting.com/vote/302